UPDATE: Winter Hiatus Over!

Hello everyone,

For the last few months, Crow River Ink has been on a Winter Hiatus. The reason for this being that I have been trying to conjure up some new ideas on how I can improve this publication. The first official submission period went wonderfully and I am so glad that people chose to submit their work. But now that we are coming into a new submission period, I would love to see even more submissions!

I learned that the last submission period ran quite long, so I am trying to limit this one to be around 6 weeks. I do plan to have four submission periods per year – one correlating for each season. One thing I also hope to play around with are themes for each submission period if that is something people would be interested in. I am also planning to hold contests between submission periods.

Another thing I heard feedback on from all of you is an interest in writing workshops! I would love to host writing workshops on a bi-weekly or monthly basis if that is still something people would want to take part in. Writing workshops welcome all writers and artists no matter skill level. I will have more information on writing workshops in another announcement within the next few weeks.

In any case, I am glad to be bringing forth more from Crow River Ink as the second Submission period begins. I hope to see more work as well as new faces as this journey continues on. None of this would be possible without you or our community.

Thank you all for being a part of this, keep the feedback coming!

Write on,
The Editor

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