The Echo – Amy Johnson

And then she closed the book
and wandered to the place where

the melancholic river
meets the sturdy bank.

Here she found an unrivaled
solitude––abandoned from

civilization––hearing nothing but
the water’s low moan,

mournful from centuries
of quiet, steady existence.

Deep in the riverbed,
blurry beneath the slow

current, she saw the
dull gleam of an

arrowhead. As she dug
it out, it pricked her––

the lost, once-new world,
gone like the echoing

cry of a stone struck
against a canyon wall.

About the author:

Amy is a lover of lilacs, old books, and authentic community. Her work has appeared in the Southwest Metro and Plymouth magazines, and the St. Paul Voice newspaper. She runs a blog called The Writer’s Refuge.


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