Reflecting on Spring 2018

Hello Writers & Readers,

Now that the Spring Submission Period has come to a close and all the pieces have been published. All I can say is… Thank you. I am so glad to see that Crow River Ink continues to grow.

This submission period was great, we received more submissions than in the Fall. The only thing that was lacking this period was variety. In total every single submission that was received fell under the Poetry category (with the exception of one photograph/media piece) … We would have liked to have seen more fiction, nonfiction, media, etc. So, that will be something to focus on next time.

The hardest part about being a up and coming publisher is getting people to submit their work. I know, it sounds CRAZY. Who WOULDN’T want the chance to get their work published? I mean, personally in my own writing endeavors I am often held back by the fear of rejection, but as I’ve seen the publishers side of things it reminds me not to be afraid. There is absolutely no harm in submitting. The worst thing that can happen is… Well, nothing happening at all. So, as I mentioned after the Winter hiatus, it is time to buckle down and get into more marketing & getting our name out there.

Though, I should also mention, there was one other “hardest part” for me as the publisher, which was making the time for all of the submissions. Life happens, people are busy, technology doesn’t cooperate, etc. One thing I definitely need to balance better is time management. Scheduling submissions and keeping a strict itinerary on the reviewing process is something I am going to be deeply structuring in the future.

Summer is fast approaching and the Summer Submission period will be a little bit different than the previous ones have been. There will also be some changes coming to the Submission Guidelines & the process as a whole. But, I don’t want to give too much away so keep an eye out for another announcement or two in a couple weeks. Just as the mighty Crow River changes with the Spring, so will this humble literary website.

Thank you all, once again, for your support and interest. It is appreciated more than you know.

Stephanie Dixon, Head Editor

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