UPDATE: Winter Hiatus Over!

Hello everyone,

For the last few months, Crow River Ink has been on a Winter Hiatus. The reason for this being that I have been trying to conjure up some new ideas on how I can improve this publication. The first official submission period went wonderfully and I am so glad that people chose to submit their work. But now that we are coming into a new submission period, I would love to see even more submissions!

I learned that the last submission period ran quite long, so I am trying to limit this one to be around 6 weeks. I do plan to have four submission periods per year – one correlating for each season. One thing I also hope to play around with are themes for each submission period if that is something people would be interested in. I am also planning to hold contests between submission periods.

Another thing I heard feedback on from all of you is an interest in writing workshops! I would love to host writing workshops on a bi-weekly or monthly basis if that is still something people would want to take part in. Writing workshops welcome all writers and artists no matter skill level. I will have more information on writing workshops in another announcement within the next few weeks.

In any case, I am glad to be bringing forth more from Crow River Ink as the second Submission period begins. I hope to see more work as well as new faces as this journey continues on. None of this would be possible without you or our community.

Thank you all for being a part of this, keep the feedback coming!

Write on,
The Editor

Fall Submissions are OPEN!

The Autumn Equinox has arrived, this means…. 

The Fall window for submissions is now OPEN! So, if you have anything you would like to submit, please read the Submission Guidelines and send your work to crowriverink@outlook.com!

The Fall submission period is open now and closes November 17th.

The Editor



Welcome to the Fall relaunch!

Whether you are new to Crow River Ink or you have been lurking in the shadows for some time, I am happy to announce that the Fall Submission period opens on September 22, 2017. (The Fall Equinox!)

During these last few months of inactivity, I have been brainstorming ideas on how to reach a larger audience for this publication website. My love for local Midwest/Minnesota writing and media arts has only grown in these few months. Thus, I am excited to explore the ideas and visions of those around me through their submissions.

Now, I’d like to address some questions that are long overdue for answers:


  • Why has Crow River Ink been inactive?
    There are a few reasons, the most prominent being that there was a lack of submissions for the first launch. I also realized I was not reaching a wide enough audience and thus began to brainstorm ideas on how to further my reach. I know there are a lot of amazing and undiscovered writers and artists that are looking to be published.  


  • Where were you?
    After launching Crow River Ink in April, life started to catch up with me. I graduated, moved, got engaged, and brought home a new puppy. The summer was a whirlwind, but just as the leaves settle in the Autumn – my life is doing the same. So, here I am as a one-woman operation, ready to take on this project with full force.


  • What is next?
    Submission! Publications! Beautiful works of literature and media! If all goes well, an online literary and arts journal! But, for all of this to happen, I need your help. I need people to submit and share their creations. Together, let’s make something beautiful. 

Remember, you can send submissions to crowriverink@outlook.com



Submissions are NOW open!

Attention writers and artists!

As of April 30th, submissions for online publication are now open! Please see the submission guidelines for details, or our contact page if you have any questions.

Pieces accepted for publication via online post will also be considered for publication in the first edition of Crow River Ink’s literature & media journal.

We look forward to reviewing your work!


After a long hiatus, I am proud to announce that CRI: L&M is back at it and ready for submissions! (9.13.17)