Submission Guidelines

Are you thinking about submitting your work? Great, you’ve found the right page.

Crow River Ink accepts both creative writing works as well as media pieces. Listed below are the genres and the requirements within each genre. Because we are an online publisher there is no strict limit on word counts or file sizes, but as of now, are not publishing novels or large complete works.

Spring Submissions are CLOSED

The next submission period will be announced soon.

See below for specific details on requirements as well as this type of publication.

Genre Overview

Drama: Drama pieces may include short screenplays or scripts.

Fiction: Short fiction and flash fiction are both encouraged, all types of genre fiction are acceptable, i.e. crime fiction, romance, suspense, etc.

Nonfiction: Creative works of short nonfiction will be accepted, but academic nonfiction will not. Flash nonfiction is also accepted.

Poetry: All forms of poetry are accepted.

Media: This category is broad, but it includes any media art form such as photography, digital & traditional drawings, paintings, sculpture, etc. However, because this is an online publication, any submission must be in the form of an uploaded file.


  • Works must be absolutely complete and previously unpublished (due to copyright.)
  • Rough drafts will not be accepted.
  • Limits (per person, per submission period.)
    • Drama, Fiction, & Nonfiction; 3 pieces (in any combination).
    • Poetry; 5 pieces.
    • Media; 5 pieces.
  • You may submit all pieces at once or spread them out within the submission period.
  • In your email, include your name, where you’re from and the titles and genres of your submission.
  • Work submitted to Crow River Ink must be previously unpublished. You may also submit work published to Crow River Ink to other publications as long as it follows their own submission guidelines. But be aware, most publishers will not accept previously published work unless specified in their guidelines.

Email submissions to

*You may submit under a Pseudonym. You may also submit anonymously if you wish to have your name omitted from any publications.

Types of Publication

There are two types of publication through Crow River Ink. One is a semi-annually published online literary & media journal while the other is a featured “post” on the website submission showcase. More detail about each format below.

Crow River Ink: Literature & Media Journal
As this project is in its infancy, the editions of the magazine will be solely published online at this website. The magazine will feature the best-submitted works and will be published twice a year in the fall and in the spring. The first volume is anticipated to be released in the Fall of 2018.

Crow River Ink: Online Post Publication
Selected submissions will be chosen for regular publication as an online posting through our website (in a blog-style format) and will be added to our archives. Pieces published in this manner may also be considered for additional publication in the journal.

More information to come!